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SAMSUNG E.N.G is established for developing the agricultural machine of the world with the most advanced equipment. We can provide the highest qualified products, sales and A/S of the color sorter machine.

we have been doing engineering research for several years and completed standardization of all products.

As a result, we have a system that can produce and sales any type of color sorter clients want. Based on this, we are concentrating all our efforts on entering the world including Southeast Asia.

The best products and technologies are based on continuous R&D.

SAMSUNG E.N.G is responding to the rapidly changing business environment with technology-oriented management and continuous research investment.

We are also developing active marketing strategies and advanced organizational culture. Based on this, we will grow into a company that produces competitive products in the world.

Your continuous and close attention to our company is always appreciated.
Thank you.

SAMSUNG E.N.G. CEO Sung-Il Maeng


TEL 82-54-933-6202 FAX 82-54-933-7202
ADDRESS 1154, Yuwol-ri, Wolhang-myeon, Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea (40039)